•  Manage demand peaks and reduce call abandonment

•  Increase profitability and operational efficiency

•  Improve customer and agent satisfaction

•  Works with your existing telephone system

Meet your contact centre’s KPIs with the QueueBuster call back system.

Manage call peaks
• Smooth your call peaks
• Manage your agents' workload
• No compromise to the caller
Improve customer service
• Reduce caller frustration and complaints
• 98% of customers surveyed said that   
   QueueBuster delivered a positive experience
Reduce call handling time
• Reduce your AHT by 30 secs
• Meet your KPI targets with improved ASA
• Increase call occupancy and productivity
Improve agent morale
• Reduce staff turnover & training costs
• 97% of agents say that QueueBuster
    makes their job easier
Increase your profitability
• Prevent the expense of overstaffing
• Operate up to 15% more productively
   and cost effectively using fewer agents
Grow your business
• Acquire new business prospects
• Retain your existing customers
• Deliver world-class customer service

Book a free consultation to discover why these leading companies chose QueueBuster as their solution

          "I've been bowled over by the enthusiasm of our call agents for the QueueBuster solution. I have never come across a product that has created so much positive morale in all the years I have worked in the call centre industry."

Prudential PLC
Insurance Service Company
QueueBuster works with your existing call handling system

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With the help of QueueBuster, BT reduced:

  • Abandoned calls by 12%
  • Customer dissatisfaction by 6%
  • 'Average Handle Time' by 29 seconds

(BT 151 service (fault reporting): 100,000 calls of which 5,000 calls handled by QueueBuster).

QueueBuster politely invites the caller to record their name and then hang up and wait to be called back

QueueBuster takes their place in the agent queue and waits for an agent to become available

As soon as the agent answers, QueueBuster announces the caller's name and automatically calls them back

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9am - 5:30pm weekdays. Free if you have monthly minutes.

QueueBuster is part of the range of customer contact solutions provided by ContactPartners.

QueueBuster Phone
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BT Group
Telecommunications Company

9am - 5:30pm weekdays. Free if you have monthly minutes.

•  There's no need for any additional hardware

•  You'll have QueueBuster running in just a few days

•  It won't require any technical support from your IT team

Achieve your KPIs with QueueBuster from just £500/month.

No need to replace your existing hardware

Integrating QueueBuster with your existing call handling process is simple. In most cases:

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0330 555 2580

UK lines staffed 9am - 5:30pm weekdays 

Call Now: 0330 555 2580Call Now: 0330 555 2580

UK Lines staffed 9am - 5:30pm weekdays 

QueueBuster Phone

Achieve your KPIs with QueueBuster from just £500/month.

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QueueBuster is certified as compliant by both Avaya and Cisco: 

"Advisors are happier because they don’t have to spend the first part of the call apologising for time spent queuing."
"Finally, we believe that by giving online customers the opportunity to request a call back we have been able to provide a more complete service."
"One customer described it as ‘a breath of fresh air’ that here was a company using technology in such a way as to help customers navigate call centres."

Here's what companies using QueueBuster have to say about the call back technology: